As Metro-Wag, we have been active since 1990 following in the tradition of the former Mechanical Plants MERA-WAG and the Automatic Plants MERAMONT from Gdańsk within the scope of production of both scales and devices of industrial automatics. At present our company has restructured into METRO-WAG, a limited liability company seated in Miszewo.
The company approaches problems within the scope of automation of weighing and batching of materials. It designs, produces and delivers complete installations of chordal devices and automatics as well as those of drive control, feeding and transporting materials to be batched. It also produces elements of usable area equipment made of stainless and plain steel, that is, balustrades, stairs, architectural details, benches, dustbins, flowerpots, bicycle racks, railings as well as elements of car and motorbike decks, tuning, etc.

Sacking scales

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Non-automatic Tank scales

  The construction, shape of the container as well as the draining valve is adjusted to the needs of the user. The material weighed is taken into consideration.
Weighing stand enables the automation...
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Automatic Tank Scales

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Control scales

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Standard scales

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Automatic control systems

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Weighing process visualisation

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Special systems

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Parts/subassembly for scales

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Fitter/locksmith/diesinker service

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METRO-WAG concerns with projection, production, sale and service of electronic scales and automatic devices. It specialises in weighing and batching systems of both loose and fluid materials.
It also concentrates on the automation of weighing and batching in the industry. The scales produced by the company both non-automatic and automatic fulfil the requirements of the Polish and international metrological regulations. They also have the approval of the type of the Central Office of Measures in Warsaw:
-WE, no PL 05003;
and PTB (Physikalish- Technische Bundesanstalt);
No DE-08-MI006-PTB047,
No DE-08-MI006-PTB048,

To build weigh systems the company uses its own sets and devices as well as sets and devices of
other companies, such as HBM HOTTINGER, METTLER-TOLEDO, MOELLER, SIEMENS, Tedea- Huntleigh

Scales, devices and weigh systems projected and produced by METRO-WAG have application in various branches of industry:

  • Chemical industry, where dust-resistance and resistance to aggressive factors is often required, the possibility of working in the danger zone, among other things,
  • In The Sulfur Mines 'SIARKOPOL', The Plastic Plants and Chemical Fibres Plant 'ELANA', etc.
  • Food and vegetable processing, where water-resistance and resistance to low temperatures of labour is required, among other things, in the HORTEX Plants, etc.
  • Food industry, where dust-resistance, water-resistance and acid-resistance is required, among other things, in Fish Processing Plants Ice Factory
  • The Confectionary Industry Plants 'WAWEL', 'ŚNIEŻKA', etc
  • Pharmaceutical industry, where high precision and necessity to fulfil strict sanitary regulations is required Pharm.Plants 'POLFA'.
  • Other companies, among other things, in Concrete/Cement Production Plants, in the Gdynia Harbour, Plants producing finished loose materials or dry bulk.



METRO-WAG approaches problems within the scope of automation of weighing and the batching of materials in industry through complex projection and service of weigh devices and automatics, control and drive as well as feeding devices and transporting batching materials.


On request of individuals interested in our offer we submit detailed technological and information materials concerning scales as well as we make offers for delivery of weigh systems.

Scales and devices are adjusted to the needs of our customers!