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Unloading meal

  Loading fertilizer   Cubicle cabinet   Pelets proportioning/batching/dsing scale Cubicle cabinet with touche panel Trade/warehouse/industrial scale
  Scale for valve bags   Scale for little bags/boxes  

 Big-Bag scale/weight


Weigh scale for batching rape

Conveyor -ledlers Trade scales
  Automatic scale   Inside of the cubicle   Unloading the Big-Bag sacks  

   Automatic portioning scale


Scale for weighing small bags

Checkweigher roller conveyor

       Carrousel weighing system   

  Eco coal dosing system   Scale for dosing coal   Roller scale Tank scale System for examining movement resistance of the car seat generator

Unloading the barge carrier

  Dosing system for valve bags   Roller scale for cartboard boxes   Scale for weighing plate/ sheets Trade scale  
  Foot pace/platform   Circular vials  

Operating PC programmes for touche panels

  Roller conveyor Special pattern/design for machine